By Marc Campos

Texas For Santos, Novice Says, Business "Fan"

On the same day that close to half a million Dallas area residents marched on behalf of immigration reform, Matt Santos was elected President of the United States on "The West Wing." Political irony?

"The sun is coming up," was a line that was used last night. Could it apply to what may be the changing of the political landscape in Texas?

Is it possible that the mean spiritedness of Dead Duck DeLay, Culberson, Patrick, and the Mini-men have rallied a community to say - "ENOUGH!!" Hey, Pete Wilson got "la gente" in California involved in the early '90s, maybe, just maybe, that things are turning around here. Now let's see what Houston, San Antonio and Austin show us today.

By the way, last night's episode did bring tears to my eyes - I must admit.

In a Sunday Chron article about the State Rep District 146 Dem Runoff, the headline says that the challenger is a "Novice." The incumbent, errr, Al Edwards comes under fire for being "cozy" with Repubs. The "Novice," errr, Borris Miles, explains why he gave serious $$$ to Repubs. Says the "Novice" - When you receive, they've influenced you, when you give, you've influenced them." The "Novice" has received over $100,000 in contributions - according to the Chron - guess he got influenced. Is that why he's called a "Novice?"

The 'Stros play a weekday afternoon game today. They used to be called "the businessMAN" special. You know, businessmen would take off from work and go to the yard. I always thought they were dissing the fans of the female persuasion that also took off from work. Now they are called "business FAN" specials. It's about time.

April 10, 2006, 9:00AM

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