By Marc Campos

What About 2010!

According to the Austin American Statesman, The President’s 2008 campaign manager was in Austin yesterday to meet with Dem fundraisers. Check out the story.

Here’s a part of the article: “According to guests at the lunch, (David) Plouffe said that he's (The President) less focused on future elections than ensuring that the administration engages with the public on issues Obama considers vital.

“But he also signaled that Obama's team would monitor Republican-leaning Texas to see if Democrats who have made inroads reap additional gains next year.

“Plouffe reportedly speculated that Texas might be home to enough unregistered voters to make it worth targeting in 2012.”

Gee, I hope that doesn’t mean the DNC is blowing off Lone Star State Dems in 2010. You know, 2010 is a year that we need to make more inroads to get ready for redistricting in 2011. Plus, we need to make a play to get some Dems on the LRB (Legislative Redistricting Board) and stuff like that. I’m thinking that those Dem folks that are thinking about running statewide in 2010 aren’t too thrilled to hear this.

Commentary has said it once, twice, a kazillion times – Dems need to focus on the H-Town area Latino community. If national, statewide, and local Dems keep ignoring Latinos here, they can pretty much forget about winning statewide. This is becoming a joke.

According to yesterday’s Chron, former Congressman Nick Lampson isn’t going to be running NASA – that’s too bad.

Regarding my Major League debut this past Tuesday evening, the American Campaign Skipper asked: “Did you throw a change or a splitter?”

My Response: “Saying something like cutter, heat or slider is kind of overdoing it, it was more like the “Eephus.’”

According to Wikipedia: “The Eephus pitch is thrown overhand like most pitches, but is characterized by an unusual high arcing trajectory and corresponding slow velocity.”

“I think Livian Hernandez and Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson used it once or twice last year.”

Another dumbarse fan got in the way of a foul ball destined for Commentary last night and it made it to the tube again – drats! We hit five dingers last night but still got our arses run 11 to 6 as we take the day off today in honor of Tiger returning to the Majors stage!

April 9, 2009 9:00AM

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