By Marc Campos

The Opposition

Local Dems now know what we are up against this fall Ė from top to bottom. The last thing Commentary wants to do is speak for the local GOP but you have to think that they are happy with their starting line-up. Iím betting that they are glad they donít have to take the field with Dr. Sekula Gibbs and Kelly Siegler. These two would have given Dems plenty of ammo to use.

The Dem candidate for DA congratulated the GOP nominee last night by taking a shot at her. Expect the local GOP operatives to fire back at all of our county wide candidates pretty soon. We ainít seen nothing yet!

Now letís see which local Party does a better job of getting organized for the Fall.

Meanwhile the Olympic Torch went into hiding somewhere along the West Coast.

43 years ago today the New York Yankees came to town to play the first indoors game in Major League Baseball history. Mickey Mantle hit the first dinger. The ĎStros won 2-1 in 12 innings. We didnít do so hot last night. I did snag my first foul ball of the season though. Hey, at least we are not 0-7 like the Tigers Ė yikes!

April 9, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary