By Marc Campos

No Floors, No Signs, First Pitch

New Dem Appeals Court Judge Jim Sharp hasn’t quite taken to being an officeholder. According to reporter Miya Shay’s blog (http://politicalblog.abc13.com/), Jim put in for fancy new wood floors for his office at county expense. Harris County Commissioners’ Court, including two Dem commissioners, unanimously rejected Jim’s request – yikes! Somebody needs to tell Jim to step down from Cloud Nine. Of course, on the other hand maybe Jim wanted to do his part and stimulate the wood floor industry.

One of the rules I have when getting involved in campaigns is I don’t want my folks to tear down the other side’s campaign signs. I usually find out though that the other side doesn’t have the same set of rules. I also want my sign guys to follow the law and don’t put signs in right-of-way. Well, my client Yolanda Navarro Flores’ (candidate for H-Town City Council, District H) signs are being vandalized and snatched. I have to assume that the others side is snatching them up because hers are the only ones missing. If it were just juveniles doing their vandalism things, everybody’s signs would be ripped. That is clearly not the case here.

At around 3:30 yesterday afternoon, Commentary got a call from the ‘Stros front office. They asked me to report to The Yard to be one of the ten season ticket holders to throw out the first pitch last night. Apparently, they had a change of heart after reading Commentary. After about three minutes of euphoria, I realized I hadn’t thrown a baseball in about twenty years. The thought of bouncing one to the plate in front of 30,000 plus freaked me out. Mild panic set in as I tracked down Grandpa Mike and Dante who just happen to be working out at little league ball field. I put on my gear and raced over to get in a few tosses before heading to The Yard. I was rusty to say the least. Half of my throws from sixty feet away were landing in the dirt causing Dante to chuckle at the thought of seeing his Uncle Marc blow it.

When I got to The Yard, we were ushered down to the field while the Cubbies were still doing BP (batting practice). We were just told to stand there and not bother the players. Heck, I was too focused on getting it across the plate to worry about Soriano, Lee or Aramis. The moment finally arrived and we were handed a baseball, marched down the first base line, introduced to the crowd, and our mugs were put on the jumbotron. They then showed a video of ten years worth of great moments at The Yard. Then ten players were introduced representing each season: (2000) Shane Reynolds, (2001) Lance Berkman, (2002) Larry Dierker, (2003) Jeff Bagwell, (2004) Jeff Kent, (2005) Phil Garner, (2006) Roy Oswalt, (2007) Carlos Lee, (2008)Jose Valverde, and (2009) Cecil Cooper.

I stood between Scrap Iron and Roy O. The moment finally arrived and we were then sent out to the field and I had the honor of tossing to Numero 45. I aimed high and had a successful launch – whew! Numero 45 was kind enough to sign the baseball and tell me “good toss.” I asked him in espanol how his finger was and he showed it to me – ouch – you could tell it was dinged up pretty good. My baseball moment had arrived and I did A-OK. By the way, the ‘Stros beat the Cubbies in ten and they get at it again this evening.

April 8, 2009 9:00AM

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