By Marc Campos

E-Day and Yard Talk

Go vote today just to say you voted.

Speaking of, Commentary did some calculating. So far, it looks like Obama has spent $97,000 per delegate and Hillary has spent $93,000 per delegate – interesting.

The local GOPers will fill out their 2008 general election lineup today. So I guess the real race starts tomorrow. I wonder how Doctor Council Member Congresswoman Shelley Sekula Gibbs Jackson Lee Rodriguez, Jr. will do. If she wins today, Commentary figures she will add another name to her name. She has to – that’s her shtick!

The Olympic Torch is getting some unusual run (errr pardon the pun) these days.

Commentary, the Former Young Political….. and 43,481 fans showed up last night at The Yard. The pre game Navy sky divers were a real treat. We had 4 dingers including a back to back by the Big Puma and Numero 45. Towles also had one plus Tejada’s walk off. Bourn to Run now has 6 stolen bases. New ‘Stros GM Ed Wade threw out the first pitch – hey, it’s his team. What a way to start year nine at Minute Maid!

April 8, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary