By Marc Campos

Danger: Beware of Mate

School finance, taxes, choice, vouchers. We pretty much know the positions of political parties on these key issues. How about having online dating services tell you whether or not they have conducted criminal background checks?

Yep, it seems Texas State Senator John Carona (R-Dallas) has introduced such a measure. Let's see how this would work.

"Latino, divorced, early 50s, likes going to Astros games, loves to talk politics, of the liberal persuasion, looking for challenging and stimulating relationship. Currently not under indictment or investigation, never contributed to TRMPAC. To verify lack of criminal history go to ruacrook.com, my access code is ******.

Carona's bill was heard in committee this past week and left pending. Good.

Commentary has never talked to anyone about their online dating experiences. Don't know much about how it works. In the old days, when you went to pick-up bar, there was never a process that involved background checks. The blind date ritual never included the background check. It is difficult to imagine that this bill, if passed, will provide a comfort level to the online daters. Heck, for years, folks have figured out how to beat the background checkers. Not even FBI background checks are foolproof.

Commentary has not heard of a public clamor for this type of legislation. Did a constituent contact Sen. Carona and complain? Is there an online dating lobby that has hired guns pushing this measure - check and see if they gave to TRMPAC? Is there a group of former online daters that found out they were going out with ex-cons and have now organized to crack down on these sites?

Move over gyrating cheerleaders. There's a bigger crisis that has to be dealt with.

April 8, 2005, 9:00AM

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