By Marc Campos

“But Everyone Knew Her As Nancy”

My good buddy Nancy Sims has decided that she will referee the online segment of the 2009 H-Town’s Mayoral race. Commentary is cool with that. You can find out the latest by going to www.mayoralmusings.com. I guess that means Nancy won’t be taking sides in the race. She will also be providing her takes throughout the campaign. Commentary likes this added flavoring in the mayoral race. Nancy has one of the best political minds in these parts so it definitely will be interesting.

Commentary is real glad that the Lone Star State Board of Education isn’t running Major League Baseball. Heck they would probably still have the players wearing wool uniforms. Pam-In-Charge would probably be just Pam-The-Usherette. Pabst Blue Ribbon would probably be the only beer you could find at The Yard and the science of radar guns, jumbotrons, and instant replay would be outlawed.

Speaking of, Pam-In-Charge made a good call last night by closing the roof after the Fort Hood choppers buzzed The Yard. It would have been too cold with an open roof. Of course, it would have been real cool if the choppers would have hovered a bit over the field, toss out an Al Queda fella, and strafed his arse with cannon fire in front of a regular season record crowd of 43,000 plus.

Commentary needs to apollyize for getting my mug on TV and jawing with a fellow fan last night. The fan couldn’t handle a hot foul ball and also got in my way so I couldn’t snag it. Johnston Campaigns captured the moments on his iphone and sent it to me within minutes so there is now a record of the unfortunate incident. Earlier in the game, another fan ran down from a couple of rows back and stuck his mitts in front of me and muffed a foul ball allowing another one to get away.

At tonight’s game, the team will kick-off the 10th Season at The Yard Campaign by handing out commemorative lids to the first 10,000 fans. They will also honor a member representing each season: (2000) Shane Reynolds, (2001) Lance Berkman, (2002) Larry Dierker, (2003) Jeff Bagwell, (2004) Jeff Kent, (2005) Phil Garner, (2006) Roy Oswalt, (2007) Carlos Lee, (2008) Jose Valverde, and (2009) Cecil Cooper. Ten season ticket holders will throw out the ceremonial first pitches to the players that represent a decade of ‘Stros baseball at Minute Maid Park. Commentary has been informed by the front office that I wasn’t selected.

My old buddy Massey Villareal got selected to throw out one of the first pitches last night. We could have easily won last night. The two dingers that Roy O. gave up didn’t help but we had our chances. It’s the Cubbies again tonight.

April 7, 2009 9:00AM

Daily Commentary