By Marc Campos

The Smartest Dean and The Home Opener

Today’s Chron Editorial is about The Dean’s idea to abolish the Texas Youth Commission and let the counties deal with problem juveniles. As usual, The Dean has a great idea. Remember in the 1990s when everyone said that Bob Bullock was the most powerful fella in Texas state government? Commentary doesn’t think we have a most powerful fella in state government in 2008. None of our statewide electeds qualify. Heck, who wants to take credit for running state government into the dirt. Commentary does believe that The Dean is the smartest fella in state government though. On law enforcement, prisons, the budget, and the Texas Youth Commission, it seems like The Dean is always on target.

Commentary sometimes has differences with The Dean on local politics and stuff, but I have to hand it to The Dean when it comes to state government issues. I’m betting if the Dems ever take control of the Lone Star State, The Dean would be the most powerful.

Commentary flipped a coin, errr voted Friday along with the Former Young Political…… Now we got us an online fracas of sorts on a local judgeship Dem race – how about a big yawn. Don’t forget to flip a coin, errr vote tomorrow.

The Home Opener is finally here – finally. Hot dogs and St. Arnold! Numero 45, Roy O, Pence, Big Puma, Tejada, Valverde, Bourn to Run, and Matsui someday. Goya Foods makes its debut today with a café behind home plate – cool. We’re 2 and 5 and a little dinged up but we could easily be 4 and 3. Hey, the Tigers are 0 and 6. There is nothing like walking into The Yard and having the aroma of hot dog mustard smack you in the face – ahhhh! I’m predicting that Pam-In-Charge and her crew will have things in tip top condition. I wonder who gets to throw out the first pitch. Hope they have the roof open! Let’s play ball!

April 7, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary