By Marc Campos

A__hole, CD 22, Flags, Brownie's Gig, Baseball Tunes

DeLay's campaign manager is an a__hole, pure and simple. Instead of spending time shutting down the headquarters for America's Numero Uno Quitter, he admits to recruiting folks to go disrupt the Congressional District 22 Dem nominee's press conference in Sugar Land yesterday. I don't think this fella is very mature. Hey fella, the show's over. Pack it up.

Looks like the GOP precinct chairs in CD 22 are going to be seriously wooed. They're going to decide who the GOP nominee will be. They'll be sent letters, taken to lunch, taken to dinner, taken to ballgames, sent gift baskets, given flat screen TVs, given gift certificates to the Galleria - you get the picture. Ahhh, the life of a GOP precinct chair in CD 22.

My local labor leader buddy points out that here in the Lone Star State we celebrate "Six Flags Over Texas," which includes the red, white and green with the bird holding the snake. We also celebrate the dumba__ flag with the 13 stars.

Which reminds me, the folks that are cracking on the kids for waving the red, white and green with the bird holding the snake, how come I never hear them cracking on folks that drive around with the dumba__ flag with the 13 stars on their back car window? Go figure.

Only in Louisiana. Turns out a parish in Louisiana is fixing to hire Brownie of FEMA shame to help them get FEMA money - huh! Way to geaux!

Former Astro closer Billy Wagner is a Met. When Wagner was with the 'Stros, his song used to be that Mettalica tune called "Enter Sandman." In 2003, I saw the Astros play the Yankees in New York. The Yankees' closer, Mariano Rivera has the same tune. When Wagner went to the Mets, he also took his tune with him and Yankee fans are not happy - give me back my tune. Speaking of Yankees, it looks like they are going to get a new crib that's going to cost- gulp - $800 million - and that's without a retractable roof, yikes! Props to my buddy Adolfo Carrion, President of the Bronx Borough for cutting the deal. The new Yankee Stadium will be built across from the street from the current Yankee Stadium. The new crib will open in 2009.

April 7, 2006, 9:00AM

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