By Marc Campos

Jared's Lack Of Influence, Paper-Scissors-Rock, And Chalk One Up For The Psychic

In today's Chron, local GOP Chair Jared Woodfill is a little miffed that GOP Houston city council members are not acting irresponsible. Woodfill wants the GOP council members to support a state legislative cap on annual property tax appraisals. Said Council Member Mark Ellis, an R - "I'm not going to allow anyone to bully me." Bully for Ellis and other GOP council members for doing the right thing. That's strike two for Jared. Remember, he tried to get GOP council members to oppose the Safe Clear freeway towing program, and most ignored him.

As expected, last night, Congressman Matt Santos received the Democratic Party's nomination for president in the season finale of "West Wing." The nomination went down to the wire. At one point, paper-scissors-rock was used to determine the speaking order of the candidates at the party's national convention. Next season, the series will have GOP U.S. Senator Arnold Vinnick (played by Alan Alda) squaring off against Santos (played by Jimmy Smits) for the presidency.

The Santos character is a former mayor of the city of Houston. We still don't know what part of Houston Santos is from. East End, North Side, Second Ward? His favorite restaurant. Ninfa's, Merida, Doneraki?

Local Latino leaders, particularly Dem Latinos, would be wise to devise a strategy/campaign to create political/voting interest and awareness in the Houston area Latino community by using the series and the Matt Santos character. Talk about TV Latino role models. Local Latino attends a service academy, becomes mayor of Houston, becomes a congressman, receives the Democratic nomination for president. We can't just sit on our couches on Wednesday evenings and root for the guy. Let's think of a way to get the local Latino community to start talking about Santos.

It is not just entertainment, it's education. Think, think, think, think, think!

Flash! Just hit upon an idea. If the "West Wing" won't reveal more info on Santos, we'll create it for them. We'll start by giving him a neighborhood. Matt has to have a 'hood. Suggestions? Stay tuned.

Prediction jackpot. In our January 3 Daily Commentary, we listed some of Houston psychic Kim O'Neill's 2005 predictions. She said Prince Rainier III would not last the year. She nailed this one. However, Muhammad Ali still lives.

April 7, 2005, 9:00AM

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