By Marc Campos

HiTech Parking, More On 22, Uggla Baseball, Tiger and 11

Props go to one of my best friends for leading the charge to bring wireless parking meters to Houston - wireless parking meters? You will be able to pay the parking meter by cell phone - cool. Of course, I just found out a few days ago about text messaging. I'll keep some quarters handy just in case cause you'll still be able to feed the meter some silver. You'll also be able to pay by credit card, I guess kind of like at the gas station.

Since the immigration issue figures to be huge amongst the GOPers in the Congressional District 22 race, maybe one of the candidates - in order to set themselves apart - ought to come up with some kind of a Lenten campaign tactic and give up paperless folks for the duration of the campaign, you know, not eat at restaurants, cut their own grass, clean their own house, etc., you get the picture - sacrifice by fasting. I think the far right voters might find it a bit more genuine than outrageous rhetoric. Give it some thought.

Jimmy Rollins of the Phillies has a 38 game hitting streak going, he's 18 from the record. Talk about pressure building. Back in '01, Commentary caught a Rollins foul ball, actually it was a line drive that I snagged barehanded, never hit the ground - I actually had a welt on my hand for a few days - don't believe me huh? The 6/23 Young Gun was there with me. My nephew was also at the game and should be able to vouch for me.

Hanley Ramirez reads Daily Commentary. After I cracked on his name, he came back the next day and went 4 for 5 with three RBIs - 'scuse me Hanley! The Fish also have a player named Uggla - Dan U. Uggla - he plays second base. Dan U. Uggla! Gotta figure this is one tough fella.

Ran into the 'Stros head ticket dude last night, he showed me his National League Championship ring. It was pretty cool.

Time to root for Tiger again. let's see if he gets his 11th major.

April 6, 2006, 9:00AM

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