By Marc Campos

Not Even An Honorable Mention, Don't Tell My Clients

Commentary never has a problem getting pub for his clients. Commentary does need to do a better job of promoting Commentary. A list was recently published on a website in the past few days called "Texas Political Consultants: Power Rankings 2005." Guess what? Commentary is nowhere to be found on the list. Granted Commentary does more than political campaign consulting, but political campaigns are what made us nearly-famous, obviously not nearly-famous enough to land on the "Power Ranking" list.

Let's see:

  • Commentary served as chief political consultant to the three Hispanic state reps from Houston.

  • Served as chief consultant to a current African American state rep.

  • Served as the first consultant to another current African American state rep.

  • Served as chief consultant to the only two Hispanics on the Houston city council, whose districts are larger than state legislative districts, and campaign budgets are in the $150,000 plus range.

  • Consulted on a citywide winning race for city controller.

  • Consulted on a winning congressional race in the Houston area in 2004.

  • Political advisor to a highly respected and experienced state senator.

  • Ooops, nearly forgot, had a client last year in a highly publicized race, whose mistress went public with secretly tape recorded phone calls, granted countless news media interviews on their 17 year relationship, sordid details galore, by the way, did we mention that she was a former topless dancer. We won the election. Served as chief consultant. Doubt that any other consultant could have pulled that one off.

From the county that boasts the largest Hispanic population group in the state, we at least deserve an "Honorable Mention." Please, we're begging, my clients actually think we know something about political campaigns. Who do we have to bribe to get ourselves on the list?

April 6, 2005, 9:00AM

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