By Marc Campos

Moving On

The sun came up. The birds chirped. The Texas State Capitol is standing. Easter Sunday is still on schedule. The GOP doesn’t need to worry. Everything is OK. No need to create a fuss over who leads the prayer up at our State Capitol.

The GOP needs to set up a committee to eliminate intolerance. They got problems with Gays and Lesbians, Latinos, Women, African Americans, Muslims, poor folks, Hollywood, and folks with different views. It is tough to build on intolerance.

Commentary is old. I don’t feel I’ll fit in at the Young Professionals for James Rodriguez event this evening. A lot of H-Town’s leading younger bright minds will be in attendance to show their support for James.

Meanwhile, over at the yard, things are kind of shaky. The bad new is we’re 0-3. The good news, we’re tied with the Cardinals. We could easily be 3-0. I ran into My Best Friend's Wife – Julie – and Matt at the yard last night. Matt is getting ready for high school and he’s already as tall as me – yikes!.


April 05, 2007, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary