By Marc Campos

Morning Routine, DeLayed Reaction, April 10, The Yard

"Hell froze over," joked "The Today Show's" Al Roker joked this morning after Katie Couric announced she would be leaving after 15 years. So much for breaking up the old morning routine. You get used to building your morning around Katie and the gang. Of course, I was bummed when Jane Pauley left - still have her autographed picture on my wall. Well, at least we still have a couple of months of Katie on NBC A.M..

In the coming weeks, Dems will surely be entertained by the Congressional District 22 GOP wannabees. Maybe they'll cut each other up. One thing is for sure, they'll head to the far, far right. Some will probably come out for the death penalty for those waving the red, white and green with the bird holding the snake. Some will say they will petition the FCC to outlaw the phrase "Si Se Puede" on public airwaves.

My Buddy says that unless the Supremes step in and reshuffle the state's congressional map, things will likely stay the same. I have to agree with that. I guess you would call that a Delayed Legacy, awwww!

Challenge to the blue eyes! How about making plans to march on April 10? How about the blue eyed electeds? There will be a lot of cameras there. By the way, the march will swing by the yard while the 'Stros are playing one of their rare weekday day games - 'scuse me while I drop in/out for a couple of innings - hey, I'll try to recruit some fans to join us, sure - I'll catch up with you guys at Allen's Landing. Which reminds me, how come were landing, errr, ending at Allen's Landing? Aren't the Allen brothers the fellas that set up shop here in "1836" - did the LLPCP sign off on this?

Speaking of the yard, I missed out last light and Andy Pettitte was "hammered" - hey the term "hammer" is now free again. Got to get back there tonight, pick up my wall calendar, and help get the 'Stros on the winning track again.

April 5, 2006, 9:00AM

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