By Marc Campos

Richard's Quest, Opening Day
And Foul Balls

By Marc Campos

Expect Richard Morrison to get a lot of political media run in the coming months. The Democratic candidate for Congress, District 22, is running against the mighty Tom DeLay. Richard ran a very respectable race against DeLay last year and never stopped running. This past weekend the Chron published a poll of District 22 voters that revealed some DeLay vulnerabilities.

Presumably, because of the Chron numbers on DeLay, yesterday, it was suggested - and later retracted - that Chris Bell abandon his race for Governor and run against DeLay, sending Morrison to the bench. Another rumor making the rounds was having former and defeated Congressman Nick Lampson make the race. Dems need to stick with Richard. He probably understands more than most that running against a powerhouse like DeLay is a monumental undertaking. He knows that the Chron poll numbers will fluctuate. He's aware there will be good and bad days. He's made a huge investment and Dems need to stick with him. It is going to be an interesting race.

Major League Baseball's Opening Day in Houston. You walk into Minute Maid Park and you get hit with the smell of hot dog mustard and popcorn. Ahhhh. Everybody is wearing their Astros gear. $7 beer - yikes! Up from six and a half bucks last season. That's for having Roger around and signing Berkman and Oswalt to megacontracts. Willy Taveras, Jason Lane and Luke Scott are Astro starters - who? Maybe we get Pettitte for a whole healthy year. This season we get to see the Washington Nationals - some of us prefer Senators - but some D.C. fans rejected the name Senators because they don't have D.C Senators in real life. Heck, I've been to Pittsburgh and I never saw a Pirate.

Phil Garner, Brad Lidge, Kiss Kam, 7th Inning Stretch, and everybody rooting for the same team - except when the Cubs and Braves come to town. Remember how we felt when Jeff Kent had the game winning blast in Game 5 of the NLCS? Houston Astros baseball - the best thing that ever happened to Downtown Houston.

Commentary has some good seats at Minute Maid. Foul ball action type seats. When Commentary tells folks how many foul - a couple of fair - balls he has caught or scooped, folks don't believe. If there was a stat for foul balls caught by a fan, Commentary would probably be in the record books. No, Commentary does not use a glove. When you use a glove and miss one, you get booed. Nobody boos when you drop one bare handed. One of those Roman centurion shields is recommended though in case of line drive foul shots. Play Ball!

April 5, 2005, 9:00AM

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