By Marc Campos

W’s Brain Factor, Caught, Voting Early

W’s Brain is on the sidelines right now. If he decides to play, does it matter?

A noted of sorts Dem Austin political consultant got caught sending out an anonymous email about one of the candidates running for Travis County DA. He is working for the other candidate. He accused his client’s opponent of being supported by the dreaded “lobbyists.” I wonder if the Austin Dem consultant has ever accepted a lunch/dinner from a dreaded “lobbyist?’ I wonder if the Austin Dem consultant has ever had a client that accepted money from the dreaded “lobbyists?” Commentary has a simple policy when consulting – if I want to hammer an opponent I do it and attach my John Hancock to the attack and sometimes even put it in a frame. Anonymous stuff is for the chickens.

Don’t be surprised to hear campaign political ads use “Juno” the movie type music. That kind of music is in now for commercials I guess.

Commentary, the Former Young Political Consultant That…..and My Brown Eyed Girl are voting early today. Now I gotta figure out who is on the ballot.

The ‘Stros visit Wrigley this afternoon. 1 and 3 but I’m not worried.

April 4, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary