By Marc Campos

Holy Week

Thirty-nine years ago today, Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. I remember that day.

Here we go again! A Texas legislator wants our schools to teach bible classes. I’ve said it before, that’s why we have Sunday school and Cecil B. DeMille movies. How about more math courses instead, that way at least our kids will be able to count on God…..awwww!

Speaking of God, the local GOP Chair is upset with the fact that a Muslim will lead the prayer up in the Texas Senate. Yup, he’s from the same GOP that scuttled the Cesar Chavez resolution, you know, the Chavez that was organizing folks that pick cabernet grapes – you know, the folks that are a national security threat cause they want porta-cans in the vineyards. Hey dude, it’s Holy Week – rein in the mean press releases or else the Easter Bunny might not drop by your pad this Sunday.

Here in H-Town, it looks like we’re fixing to deal with some trashy issues. The cost of picking up our garbage might go up. Hey, gas prices are going back up, why not garbage? Come on, beer prices remained steady at the yard this season and we got Numero 45! Commentary will agree to pay the increase if the city trucks promise to leave my trash bin standing instead of dropping it in my ditch.

How come folks at Colorado State University are the experts at predicting hurricanes? I wonder if folks at Florida State University predict blizzards.

The flip flopper that leads the GOP in money raising, is he a First Base Mitt or a Catcher’s Mitt?

Speaking of things at the yard, at Opening Day/Night, Commentary wore a James Rodriguez for City Council stick-on. 43,000 folks were at the game. About 20,000 came up to Commentary and said they wanted a James Rodriguez yard sign – what else is new.

Don’t worry about being 0-2. At least our starting pitching is doing great. Just wait until our bats get going.

The 1836, errr Dynamo introduced their mascot – a fox. The ‘Stros got a rabbit, the Texans a toro, the Rockets a bear – huh!

On a sad note, it looks like Presidential Pass is moving out of my hood and going to Pearland. That’s too bad.

April 04, 2007, 9:00AM

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