By Marc Campos

Political Scenery, April 10, Baseball

Well, the political scenery has certainly changed. Democrats are now asking, "who are we going to kick around now?"

I think the road to DC got a bit more difficult for the Dem nominee. The Dems will be facing a fresh face, so to speak. Let's not forget, the original goal was to get rid of DeLay, he's now a goner. The goal wasn't to add another member to the D column. So the mission has been accomplished. Confused?

A big protest march on immigration is set for next Monday, April 10, downtown, at 1 pm - 1pm? Looks like there are now two challenges for the organizers/participants - 1) get a lot of folks there, and 2) make sure kids stay in school and don't show up. Dress code: walking shoes, sunscreen, head gear, loose fitting clothes, and anything red, white, and blue. How about getting some folks of the blue eye persuasion to attend?

Notes from the yard last night. It was one of those moments that you had to experience - Jeff Bagwell getting introduced. Prolonged applause, sad and celebratory. Willie Taveras has a great arm. Roy O. was, well, Roy O. Craig Biggio's heads up play and hustle. Beer prices did not increase, still a modest $7 for a 16 ounce, couldn't find the St. Arnold's. What's up with the Fish's starting shortstop, rookie Hanley Ramirez from the Dominican Republic - where did he get the name "Hanley?" By the way, a great game, we won 1-zip.

April 4, 2006, 9:00AM

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