By Marc Campos

A Luxury We Can't Afford

By Marc Campos

The major league baseball season has started, "The West Wing" has a great storyline, and Rick vs Kay - now that's entertainment. But noooo, Austin based Democratic political operative Kelly Fero had to take a shot at gubernatorial wannabe Chris Bell.

According to this past weekend's Fort Worth Star Telegram, Bell said to the Austin American Statesman editorial board last week - "...Democratic Party is hungry for new leaders with a new message for reform. No one seems to have much of an appetite to refight yesterday's battles with yesterday's leaders". There is nothing out of line with what Bell said. However, Austin Democratic political community translation: tell John Sharp to take his bat, ball and glove, and go home. His time is up.

Fero, a John Sharp confidant, said about Bell - "That's mighty bold stuff coming from someone who was rejected by Democratic Party voters by 70-30 margin the last time his name appeared on the ballot". Blow the whistle and throw a yellow flag for unsportsmanlike conduct against Fero. Fifteen yard penalty.

Fero forgets that Bell took on the mighty DeLay last year. Bell is also one of the few potential statewide candidates that is out there campaigning against the Repubs. If Fero has a problem with Bell, instead of letting the whole world know, call him and talk privately. We don't have the luxury of sparring in public like the GOPers.

Commentary, before Commentary, used to be an Austin based political operative. When I was Austin based, I thought I was smarter than the rest of the state's politicos. When I left Austin, I realized that politicos outside of Austin were just as smart - if not smarter. Maybe some Austin based Dem politicos have a problem with Bell because he is not their creation. One thing for sure, Bell is one of the few that is not afraid to put himself out there.

April 4, 2005, 9:00AM

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