By Marc Campos

Opening Ding

According to today’s Chron, Pam-In-Charge, errrr Pam Gardner is “the highest-ranking woman in the major leagues.” She had the yard ready last night for the largest crowd ever at Minute Maid. The Chron gives Pam-In-Charge credit for introducing cupcakes to the fans – she’s got great cupcakes.

Too bad Lights Out Lidge got lit up. The Chron has a great page one photo of a fan in pain. At least the Great Lidge Debate can begin now and maybe end soon before things get out of hand. Scrap Iron should have made him run laps after the game.

Commentary’s season got off to a great start – I snagged a foul ball with my lid and gave it to the Houston City Council Member from District A, she has seats close to mine. Maybe she’ll give me some run during pop-off. The Port’s Tom Kornegay was one of the good guys selected to throw out the first pitch – hey he got it over the plate – he’s got a great arm – Tom Terrific?

There was a lot of excitement and buzz at the yard last night. I think maybe Opening Day ought to be a national holiday. I mean heck, I didn’t even know until this morning who won the March Madness trophy, who’s raised the most presidential cash, or the City of Houston is going to start charging me more to pick up my garbage.


April 03, 2007, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary