By Marc Campos

Tactics, Walkouts, No S__t, Opening Day/Night, Cliffhanger, 6/23/07

Let's not forget, they are students - kids. Their hearts were in the right place. Maybe some of them saw the movie. Maybe some heard about the gigantic LA rally. Most of them were not trained for this - maybe we (experienced Latino political activists) should have trained them. I kind of gag a little to see the criticism being leveled at them. The criticism is a little on the phony side. They got America's attention this past week and it just bugs some folks.

Some of the critics are mad that they skipped school, but these are the same critics that don't want to adequately fund our schools. Some folks take offense to the flag they waved, but remember, they didn't deface any other flag. Instead of going after them, send them a few crates of the miniature USA flags.

These kids have seen their community subjected to a barrage of hate comments from the far right, they just decided to march and say enough.

Red, white, green and the bird, suspensions, promless, and yes we can - they did accomplish something: a lot more people are talking and writing about the issue. It seems like everyone penned an Op-Ed. One of my favorites was from the local judge who said he was watching media coverage and saw the red, white, green and the bird with the snake, but he didn't see Old Glory. Duh! You only saw what the media wanted you to see. You should have walked out of your chambers and strolled a few blocks - you would have seen the red, white and blue. By the way, just curious, who cleans your house and who does your yard?

I have some old pins that were used to promote NAFTA in 1992/93. The pin is an American flag and a Mexican flag. Think I'll start wearing it on my one and only suit. How's that?

In a Chron story a few days ago, some African American leaders are stepping up to the plate to join Latinos in supporting the correct immigration reform plan. Good to see this happen. Hope Latino leaders make note and be willing to support the African American community in a future public policy initiative.

In a USA poll released over the past weekend, a majority of those polled favor giving legal status to many of the paperless folks.

Next Monday, April 10 is the next protest day - this one is national in scope. It would probably be a good idea for the organizers to arrange to have miniature USA flags distributed, kind of like they do at the yard on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. Here in Texas, maybe they ought to distribute mini Texas flags as bandanas that we can wrap around our neck. We? Yep, I'm going.

Another poll released over the weekend says that Americans are cussing more. No s__t? 64% of us use the F-word.

Checked out the Astros' last exhibition game this past weekend versus the Royals, snagged a foul ball and gave it to My Buddy. Nice segue into Opening Day/Night. It'll be a sellout at the yard this evening.

The Chron had a nice baseball insert yesterday - check it out. The Chron writers pick us to go to the World Series, only one, Jose De Jesus Ortiz, picks us to win it all. I like our chances. Well, 162 games to go!

Talk about a cliffhanger - last night's "The West Wing." We got to see Matt Santos' home - looks like he lives in Precinct 218. Three states for Vinnick, two states for Santos. For a Dem politico, it was great TV. Choice made it on "The Sopranos" last night.

Looks like one of the Young Guns set a date - 6/23/07.

April 3, 2006, 9:00AM

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