By Marc Campos

Latino Leadership Survey

In 1995 Campos Communications compiled and distributed the Houston Hispanic Leadership Survey; this survey in booklet form provided the local media, businesses and political community with the most qualified Hispanic resources on a broad range of subjects. Lately, I’ve been asked to consider updating a similar list, so I’ve decided to once again put together a resource under a new name, the Houston Latino Leadership Survey.

Latinos are the City of Houston’s largest population so it makes sense to have a resource available where interested parties can go find Latino leaders in various categories. Instead of spending time googling for this information, interested parties can go directly to one source.

Local Latinos will be listed under the following categories:

• Most Respected Latinos in the Houston Community

• Most Influential Latinos in Houston

• Most Articulate Latinos on Latino issues and concerns in Houston

• Latino Organizations that best advocates for the Latino Community

• Advertising, Media and Public Relations

• The Arts in the Latino Community

• Banking and Finance

• Business

• Civil and Voting Rights

• Education – Public Education

• Education – Higher Education

• Environment

• Entertainment/ Music

• Gang Activity

• Health Care System & Issues

• Latino History and Culture

• Immigration

• International Trade

• Labor

• Law Enforcement

• Legal Issues

• The Local Economy

• Medicine

• Mexico & Latin America

• Politics – Local

• Politics – State and National

• Politics – Partisan (Democrat)

• Politics – Partisan (Republican)

• Race Relations

• Religion

• Sports

• Technology/ Internet

• Women’s Issues

If you are a Latino from the Houston area or have knowledge of Houston’s Latino community I welcome your assistance, guidance and recommendations. We will publish name, title, company name, business phone number, photo, e-mail address and website if available. It is our intention to make the list available on our website at www.camposcommunications.com. We will value your participation on this project and will carefully consider your recommendations. It is my hope that your recommendations will provide me with a consensus list of leadership that we can publish online. It is our intention to provide multiple listings in the various categories. If you are interested in participating you can contact me or marisol@camposcommunications.com and a survey will be emailed to you. Thanks.

Commentary is proud to say that my voting precinct may be sending one of the youngest – I think - delegates to the Lone Star State Dem Convention. Guthrie Graves Fitzsimmons was born on 12/23/89 and cast his first vote ever for Hillary a few weeks ago.

Speaking of, checking through the cyberspace yak-off sites the past 72 hours, it looks like the SD 15 Dem Convention had the least number of complaints and problems. The more I think of it – and I’m all over the map on this right now – the County/Senatorial conventions might have worked better if we would have had more time to put them together. What would have been wrong to have waited another month to meet – like say April 26?

The Chron says the ‘Stros will go 77-85 this season. Well, we’re 0-2 so far. None of the Chron’s baseball writers think we will make the playoffs. The Chron’s Jesus is picking the Dodgers to win it all. Another 9 pm start tonight – oh, my!

April 2, 2008 9:00AM

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