By Marc Campos

Latinos, Wicked, Opening Day/Night!

Will they ever get it right? It looks like PBS is fixing to upset Commentary’s Dad. Apparently, the Documentary Guy has got a WWII project coming out and they forgot to include Latinos. Latino groups are understandably upset. Commentary’s Dad, who served in the European Theater during WWII, ain’t gonna be happy if PBS airs the documentary without Latinos.

Speaking of Latinos, this weekend Latinos across America celebrated the life of Cesar Chavez. Some Latinos want to make Cesar’s birthday a national holiday. Before, we go there, let’s see if there is support in the Latino community. We got a long way to go. Let’s try taking the local and state route first. First, let’s get thousands of Latinos marching and voting in cities across America – then maybe.

Young Political Consultant That Works For Commentary is leaving this summer and heading to law school – great! Bethany Arnold is her name and she don’t need touching up.

If you are like Commentary and are a fan of my #3 All Time Movie, “The Wizard of Oz”, then you have to go check out Broadway’s touring “Wicked”, which is playing at The Hobby Center. It’s about reading between the lines of the flick – Act II, that is. It is very entertaining. It’s a creative take of GaLinda – The Good Witch – and Elphapa – The Wicked Witch. See it!

Well, it’s here! Tonight is Opening Day/Night at the yard. Is this the Year of the Caballo? Yesterday, the Chron did a special section on “Stros baseball. There was definitely a Numero 45 influence on the piece. I think the Chron’s Jesus had a lot to do with the presentation. They had Biggio on a caballo and caballos throughout the section.

The Chron’s Justice had a good column on baseball vs football. Right on! Baseball rules! Read it!

Jesus picks the ‘Stros to win it all, like in World Serious – I wholeheartedly agree!

It looks like Pam-In-Charge has the yard ready for business. They got a “Biggio Countdown to 3000” scoreboard in the outfield. They got fajita stands where they were actually making the yardtillas. They even got a St. Arnold’s kiosk by aisle 132 – and it was busy Friday night.

Commentary and Bethany will be there for sure!

April 02, 2007, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary