By Marc Campos

Stimulus H-Town Style

The City of H-Town is fixing to get into the stimulus business by handing out $10 mil in incentives to a developer for a project next to River Oaks. It’s the lead story in today’s Chron. Two things: 1) Commentary doesn’t have a problem with this as long as other parts of town also get stimulated, and 2) How do the Mayoral candidates feel about this since they are the ones that are going be dealing with it next year.

The front page of the Chron’s City-State Section has a story about guns from H-Town ending up in Mexico. Why don’t we just pass a bill that says if a gun ends up being confiscated in Mexico, then the gun store in the U.S. of A. gets fined the price of the gun times five. That means that the gun store would have to put in a little due diligence on who they are selling guns to.

There is a blurb on Chron.com on Annise Parker’s big fundraiser last night with a mention on what Da Bell had to say and his reference to H-Town’s got “Milk.” I wonder what movie flick will be referenced about Gene Locke – they call me Mr. Tibbs – or Peter Brown – they call me Mr. Smith?

The ‘Stros added Jeff Keppinger to the team and he’ll help out at third base. He’s a .287 career hitter with 13 career dingers. There wasn’t much else out of camp as the ‘Stros get ready for Opening Day in five days.

April 1, 2009 9:00AM

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