By Marc Campos

April’s Fools, errr Sheila’s Opponent?

CEWDEM sent out a message today about a political consultant calling on folks to call out Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. I guess it has to do with her support for Hillary. I think it really has to do with setting up a run against her in 2010. Rather than playing these little silly games about calling her office at a certain time and stuff like that, just get a candidate out there and run against her. Take off your chicken suit and put on your boxing trunks and get in the ring and take her on if you have a problem with her. Show us your candidate! Commentary is a bit curious to see if a campaign based on “vote for me because Sheila supported Hillary” will attract CD 18 Dem voters and campaign donors.

Speaking of, since it looks like the Obama delegates are going to be running the Lone Star State Dem Convention in Austin, why don’t they just go on ahead and take over the Lone Star State Dem Party – kind of like flex their muscles a bit. Hey, maybe they ought to elect a new State Dem Party Chair – why not? What wrong with having a political transfusion of sorts?

Commentary goofed yesterday. The person with the “I know the rules T-shirt” at the SD 15 Convention Saturday was the former Committee Woman Sheryl Roppolo not Lenora Sorola-Pohlman the current Committee Woman. An earlier Commentary version that has since been corrected put out the wrong info – sorry.

Conventions Talk:
“SD6 was very well organized. The lines were long, but the volunteers moved them along well and made damn sure that everyone was in the right line. The instructions provided were explicit and clear. All the volunteers were well versed in the rules and if they didn't know the answer they knew who to ask. My only complaint was the food selection at the GRB, they need to take some lessons from the yard. My hat goes off to the leadership and organization of SD6. Thanks, Matt.”

For commentary –
“Dem Convention Kaufman Co TX -
Although Sat was a bit confusing I think that everything went very good – the final count was Obama 147 votes by prec delegates and Clinton 92, so Kaufman Co. is sending a total of 15 delegates for Obama and 9 for Clinton to state. our prec was paired with prec 11 that is Scurry-Rosser and even though prec 11 had gone 100% Clinton only one delegate showed up and that delegate and our delegates for Clinton went to Obama; we only sent one delegate and one alternate from the paired prec 11 and 40 but both were for Obama since it was majority by nearly 3 to 1. The other Clinton delegate and I both tried to become one of the two delegates since the delegate for prec 11 left and I was moved from alternate to delegate for at large delegate to be sent for Clinton to Aus but neither were chosen so of course we were disappointed but we were glad that the convention chose the 2 at large delegates to be Clinton delegates due to the overall county polling results so that was a plus and one I thought was very fair and accommodating by everyone at the convention. The Convention also sent 2 alternates for Obama to even out the county polling results of 68% for Obama and 38% for Clinton. It was very interesting that everyone trying to become a state delegate for Clinton were female and everyone trying to become a state delegate for Obama were men and that also was representative of our prec voting results!!

Commentary doesn’t like these 9 pm Opening Game starts that end at midnight especially when the ‘Stros lose. That’s all I’m going to say about last night.

April 1, 2008 9:00AM

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