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  • Break A Quorum
    September 18, 2019

    Gerrit Cole will pitch tonight. How many strikeouts does he need to reach the 300 strikeout mark for the season?

    From the I didn’t know that department, here is from today’s Chron:

    A quirk in Texas law could allow the two Republicans on Harris County Commissioners Court, despite being in the minority, to prevent the three Democrats from enacting a proposed property tax increase.

    Typically, three court members constitute a quorum, the minimum number needed to conduct business. The Texas Government Code, however, requires four members be present to vote on levying a tax.

    That exception affords rare power to Republican commissioners Steve Radack and Jack Cagle, who have been steamrolled on 3-2 votes on enacting bail reform, appointing a judge and a resolution on gun violence.

    The pair simply would need to skip a tax hike vote to prevent the three Democrats from passing it, First Assistant County Attorney Robert Soard said. The trio on Sept. 10 proposed raising the overall property tax rate 2.26 cents per $100 of assessed value. The existing rate is 63 cents per $100 of assessed value.

    Here is the entire read:

    If they are opposed to a tax raise, they are going to skip the meeting.

    Dem Texas House Members went to Oklahoma in the early 2000s to stop a vote. Dem Texas State Senators went to New Mexico back then too to break a quorum. All is fair, I guess.

    The Harris County GOP endorsed Luis La Rotta for State Representative, District 148. Interesting.

    The Harris County GOP endorsed At-Large City Council Member Mike Knox for reelection.

    Capitol Inside Editor Mike Hailey said this yesterday:

    As a former Houston school trustee who served in the local post for eight years, Anna Eastman has an edge on the competition from fellow Democrats in terms of experience in HD 148…

    Time will tell

    We announced Anna’s kickoff reception late last week. It was held last night. It got dicey when the tropical storm suddenly visited H-Town yesterday afternoon. The show must go on. We thought it would kill turnout. Nope! Over 80 folks showed up at a residence by Heights High School. About 90% or so were HD 148 residents. The homeowner who hosted the event had one of the coolest partisan outfits I have ever seen.

    Gerrit Cole has 292 strikeouts, so he will need 8 tonight to reach 300 of course.

    The magic number is at 3.

  • Local GOP Action
    September 17, 2019

    Today is a slow day.

    Name the team who made the MLB playoffs in 2018, who is mathematically eliminated from this year’s playoffs?

    Anna Eastman will have her kickoff event this evening.

    The Harris County GOP voted to oppose the Houston Metro bond deal.

    The Harris County GOP voted to table a resolution critical of the GOP Texas House Speaker. Only one or so GOP Executive Committee members had heard the MQS tapes.

    As Evan says, “release the tapes!”

    The Harris County GOP decided to stay out of the H-Town mayoral race.

    More juicy stuff is being discussed.

    Commentary is thinking about wearing a helmet.

    The Rockies of course made the MLB playoffs last season and will not be making the playoffs this season.

    The Rangers are in for two starting this evening.

    The Yankees host the Angels for a three game series also starting this evening.

    The Dodger host the Rays for a two game series ditto.

    Got it?

  • MLB Tiebreaker
    September 16, 2019

    Commentary usually doesn’t put the MLB question in the headline, but I did today. The Astros and Yankees are tied for the best record in MLB at 98-53. We both want home field advantage in the playoffs.

    This is from MLB.com:

    Determining Home-Field Advantage in Two-Team Tiebreakers

    1. Head-to-head winning percentage during the regular season.

    Care to guess who has the better record in the Astros-Yankees matchups this season?

    I wonder what the over/under is on Tony Buzbee blowing up everybody’s sh_t after being trolled relentlessly? A fella that can put up a few of his mils of his own on a campaign can be unpredictable as all get out. Be careful out there. Folks heard the warning from Commentary first.

    There is certainly a lot of sh_t out there that folks are talking about, just saying. Be careful out there.

    BlogHouston sent me this:

    The Democrats who now run Harris County government are attempting to ram through the largest tax increase possible without voter approval. Does anyone remember those Democrats promising to raise taxes exorbitantly when they swept the country races in 2018?

    The Astros won 4 out of the 7 games we have played against the Yankees this season of course, so we would have home field advantage over them in the playoffs but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

    Mike Trout of the Angels is out for the remainder of the season. Tags tweeted out that 7 of our last 9 games of the season are against the Angels.

  • Debate Deal
    September 13, 2019

    Commentary watched the debate last night.

    If you are going to name a winner, it was #BetoForAmerica.

    If you are going to go after Julian Castro for going after Joe Biden, you need to shut up. All you are doing is serving as part of the Biden protection racket.

    You need to go after Biden for being a rambler. Or better yet, you need to explain to Commentary the record player thing.

    You think Castro was rough. Wait until Donald Trump.

    Commentary will say it again. I prefer a nominee who is younger than me.

    What is up with State Rep. Briscoe Punk?

    Jorge Ramos last night used the term LatinX. It is not in my vocabulary. Who in the f_ck thought that word up anyway?

    It seems to me if you qualify for a debate, and if you are a dude, you ought to wear a tie.  So now folks know you as the fella who doesn’t wear a tie to the debates.

    There is not an MLB question today.

    I am not going to get worked up about the Astros falling 2 games behind the Yankees with 14 games remaining. If we don’t have home field advantage, so be it. Nothing I can do about it except pay 12 and half bucks for a Saint Arnold.

  • Fred Hartman Bridge
    September 12, 2019

    How many pitchers in MLB have pitched 200 or more innings this season?

    Now this is funny!

    Greenpeace has taken over the Fred Hartman Bridge. That’s just down the street from my Dad’s place in Baytown.

    Just so you know, the Fred Hartman Bridge is part of State Highway 146 that spans the Houston Ship Channel and connects Baytown to La Porte. It opened in the 1990s and replaced the old Baytown-La Porte tunnel.

    It is a big arse bridge. Fred Hartman by the way was the longtime editor and publisher of the Baytown Sun.

    Now you know.

    Here is what Commentary will be looking for in tonight’s debates. The debates are in H-Town, the energy capitol of the universe. What is the over/under on how many times the candidates will crack on the fossil fuel industry?

    Justin Verlander has pitched 200 innings this season of course, the only MLB pitcher to hit that mark.

    Verlander will go for his 19th win of the season this evening.