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  • Dave Wilson’s Back 
    September 24, 2021

    The twice impeached, disgraced, creator of the Big Lie, Donald Trump has ordered an election audit of four counties in Texas. Our arsehole derelict Gov. Greg Abbott is fine with that. 

    We have never had an election audit. How do they even work?  If they come ask me about the 2020 November election, they are getting a big fu_k you. 

    Abbott is Trump’s punkarse hands down. Abbott is a weasel and a disgrace. 

    Here is from the Trib: 

    State Rep. Chris Turner, D-Grand Prairie, responded to the secretary of state office’s announcement on Twitter late Thursday. 

    “Let me be the first to congratulate the disgraced former president, Donald Trump, on his apparently becoming the new governor of Texas,” Turner tweeted. “Pitiful yet predictable that @GregAbbott_TX has capitulated to Trump yet again.” 

    RG called Texas a banana republic today. 

    Four Trump close associates have been subpoenaed by the January 6 House Select Committee.  Here is the thing. All four will have to shell out personal dough for legal representation while Trump dips into his campaign fund to pay for his lawyers. That’s how you run with Trump. Dumbsh_t suckers. 

    Commentary was scrolling through the November 2 ballot for races in Harris County. I got to the HCC Trustee races and bam, I saw a Dave Wilson running in District 6.  Running unopposed. The district is on the westside.  Surely it had to be another Dave Wilson.  

    I texted my friend, HCC Trustee Adrianna Tamez and she confirmed it was the same Dave Wilson.  How does this happen? 

    Adrianna also said there was a write-in candidate also in that race. It really doesn’t matter. 

    How does this happen? 

    On the Messy City Hall thing, this is from the Chron: 

    Mayor Sylvester Turner on Thursday ordered his legal department to review the affordable housing deal at the center of bombshell accusations by his former housing director that the mayor set up a “charade” of a competitive process to steer money to a developer

    In a statement released by his office, Turner said City Attorney Arturo Michel, who reports to the mayor, will “review the allegations from top to bottom to determine whether there were any illegalities, fraud, conflicts of interests, violations of procedures, practices, and policies.” Michel will make his findings public, the mayor said. 

    “My administration works extremely hard to avoid potential conflicts of interest, and I have not conducted business differently than any former mayor in the city of Houston,” Turner said in the statement. 

    Here is the entire read: Turner orders legal review of housing deal at center of ‘charade’ claims by fired housing director (houstonchronicle.com). 

    The Mayor reads the paper and he read yesterday’s Chron editorial where he got scorched.  He had to do something.  I don’t think Arturo is going to produce a product that will be anything like what the fired Housing Director Tom McCasland said the other day.  City Attorneys don’t do that to mayors. 

    I really don’t think that Arturo’s findings will satisfy the critics of this deal.  Do you? 

    We are 91-62 with 9 games to play. The only way we can end up winning 100 games is to win all our last 9 games. Our magic number remains at 3. 

  • September 23, 2021


    Commentary was watching Don Lemon’s show on CNN last night. Matt Dowd was on and had some pretty good advice for the moderate Democrats in Congress.  Dowd advised the moderates to get on the President Joe Biden program.  If President Biden doesn’t get what he wants, his numbers will be tanking in 2022 and moderate Dems will be the first to go down. Sounds like good advice to me. 

    If dumbf_ck was a dictionary word, next to the word would be a picture of State Sen. Paul Bettencourt. 

    The Texas State Senate took up a property tax relief bill yesterday. The dumbarse arsehole Sen. Bettencourt prepared an amendment to the bill that would have invalidated a school district’s bond election if less than 25% of the voters turned out to vote in that election. Sen. Carol Alvarado’s office asked me to prepare talking points on this. Such an easy task. 

    I pulled up the 2020 Republican Party March Primary in Harris County where voter turnout was in single digits. Would Bettencourt agree that the nominees of their GOP primary not be validated, and they would have zilch candidates on the November ballot? 

    Property tax rollback elections are a GOP favorite.  Would Sen. Bettencourt apply the 25% turnout requirement to rollback elections? 

    Sen. Bettencourt ended up deep sixing his dumbsh_t amendment. These GOP guys are so power-hungry bullies that their brains start turning into mushy excrement.  Did I say he’s an arsehole? 

    Royko sent me this on my take on Messy City Hall from yesterday: 

    It always has been the Democrat way, to feather the nests of cronies, as long as the taxpayers are being thoroughly squeezed. 

    Royko has a select memory.  Cronyism was running pretty rampant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue up until January 20 of this year.  President Biden ran off the GOP grifters. Cronyism is what help break the grid during the Big Freeze causing a few hundred to freeze to death.  Talk about feathering GOP nests and taxpayers getting squeezed. 

    I was talking to a respected veteran politico yesterday about the messy city hall stuff.  We both kind of agreed that the fired Housing Director Tom McCasland talked it over with someone else or two to discuss how he would choreograph his exist.  We both found it hard to believe that he would plan it on his own and it was certainly not spontaneous.  Others had to have been in on the fix.  Good execution. 

    As expected the Chron E-Board weighed in and here is the latter part of their take: 

    What’s shameful is that, if the allegations are true, the mayor was willing to harm ordinary, low-income folks in the process, willing to compromise a cause he deeply believes in. 

    The mayor owes Houston an explanation. So far, the mayor has stuck to his rationalization that he’s the mayor and he has a right to override staff recommendations. 

    That’s certainly true in our strong-mayor form of government. But he has no right to abuse his powers, to waste taxpayer money, to enrich friends at the expense of struggling families. 

    Incidentally, while some will take this opportunity to argue against Houston’s strong mayor, our form of government isn’t the problem. Really, it’s that there are too few checks on the mayor’s power, too little transparency, too few opportunities for others to scrutinize the mayor’s decisions. We’ve had mayors who wielded that power judiciously, but what happens when a mayor refuses to do the right thing

    Perhaps that’s what McCasland is trying to show us. 

    In his departure, the city has lost a dedicated public servant and apparently a courageous one, too. The mayor has already announced his interim replacement but in practice, replacing McCasland’s knowledge and judgment won’t be easy. And that could spell more bad news and more delays for the Harvey victims who have been waiting years for housing relief. 

    They too will suffer because of this debacle. But Houston shouldn’t let it be in vain. Council members need to heed McCasland’s pleas, look into his accusations and apply whatever pressure they can to change a system that, although it was intended to make our mayor strong, was never intended to make him king. 

    Here is the entire take: Editorial: Tell the truth, Mayor Turner. Why the ‘charade’ over wasteful housing contract? (houstonchronicle.com). 

    The Brewers, Dodgers, Giants and Rays have clinched a playoff spot. Our magic number is now 3. 

  • At Messy City Hall 
    September 22, 2021

    Commentary doesn’t have a dog in this hunt.  Here is the headline of the lead story in today’s hard copy of the Chron: 

    Mayor fires housing director over claims 

    Lousy headline if you ask Commentary. It really doesn’t do justice to the Chron article. 

    The article doesn’t make the H-Town Mayor look good. 

    Let me first say this. I always thought the fired Housing and Community Development Director Tom McCasland was one of the top hires of the H-Town Mayor.  Was I wrong? He certainly popped the Mayor yesterday.  The dude knew he was going to be fired and he went down with a final direct hit on the Mayor. If you are going to go down, you might as well go down on your own terms. 

    Here are the most damning parts of the Chron article: 

    Mayor Sylvester Turner fired the city’s housing director Tuesday after he publicly accused the mayor of manufacturing a “charade” of a competitive process to steer affordable housing money to a select developer against the recommendation of staff. 

    According to state documents, a company listed as a “co-general partner” and “co-developer” with a stake in the deal, Harbor Venture Group, is run by the mayor’s longtime law partner, Barry Barnes, and another partner at Barnes’ firm, Jermaine Thomas. Turner left the firm after being elected mayor in 2015. 

    Turner denied wrongdoing and said he fired Housing and Community Development Director Tom McCasland because he lost confidence in him after the explosive allegations, which were delivered in remarks to City Council’s housing committee. 

    The mayor said he did not know Barnes was involved in the deal until Tuesday, and did not see anything wrong with his participation. 

    “There’s no reason why he should excuse himself,” Turner said. “There’s no conflict.” 

    And this: 

    The documents McCasland gave council show the Clear Lake project scored lower in the application process, reserves a far smaller share of units for low-income tenants, and costs nearly $170,500 per affordable unit — nearly four times the $44,800 subsidy required for the four deals it replaced, on average. The project also would serve only seniors, whereas three of the four bumped projects are for low-income families, the city’s stated preference for affordable housing investments. 

    McCasland acknowledged the mayor has the authority to overturn staff recommendations, but he argued in this case it represented a subversion of a competitive process to benefit one applicant. He said he was not alleging fraud, but said the pattern was emblematic of a broader theme in Turner’s administration, a management style he said drives out public servants dedicated to integrity and creates a “breeding culture for corruption.” 

    And finally, this: 

    McCasland acknowledged earlier in the day he expected to be fired. He warned that the Turner administration is pushing other “unethical” proposals “that will negatively impact the city,” calling on council members and the public to hold the administration to account, decrying what he called a “do-it-because-I-say-so” culture. 

    Here is the entire read: Turner fires Houston housing director who accused him of ‘charade’ bid process to benefit developer (houstonchronicle.com). 

    You decide how all this went down. Messy for sure. 

    This is kind of a consequence to term limits and those dumb four-year terms.   Accountability doesn’t exist under this system. 

    I am sure the “What’s Your Point” folks will have a field day on this on Sunday. We will also probably hear something from the Chron E-Board. 

    Eight years ago today, the old Foley’s, err Macy’s building in Downtown H-Town was demolished by explosives. I used to do some shopping there.   

    Our magic number is four. 

  • Muhammad Ali at the Dome
    September 21, 2021

    I must take my Dad to a scheduled medical appointment. I will post later. Thanks. 

    It was remarkably interesting to see how the Muhammad Ali fights with Cleveland Williams and Ernie Terrell figured into last night’s documentary Round Two on The Greatest. I have mentioned before that I went to both fights at the Astrodome. The Astrodome was new then, and Ali was being shunned throughout the country over the draft issue. A scheduled fight at a Chicago venue was cancelled by then Mayor Richard Daley and that is how the Astrodome got not one, but two fights.

    During this period, Ali claimed residence in H-Town and here is where he refused to be inducted into the military. He was tried and convicted in H-Town. 

    They showed part of the fights last night and it was cool to see the old Gulf sign in the background.

    My Dad has been dealing with an infection on both ankles all summer. We went to a doctor in Webster this morning, and we finally got some guidance that makes sense on how to deal with it. Hopefully.  

    We have all these signs throughout H-Town with businesses needing employees. Meanwhile, there are a bunch of folks just outside of Del Rio begging to come into the USA looking for a job. What are we doing? Putting them on a plane and flying them home. We have to be better than that 

    Our magic number is down to 6. 

  • On Beto 
    September 20, 2021

    Commentary watched the Muhammad Ali documentary on PBS last night and it was outstanding.  Last night’s show was titled Round One. Tonight’s show is titled Round Two. 

    It is going to be #BetoForTexas in 2022. He will be the one taking on Gov. Greg Abbott next year. I am sure GOP operatives are salivating on a Beto run. You know, the assault rifle ban thing.  The thing is, Abbott is not exactly in great shape these days. His far-right wing and hate filled policies do not sit well with the voters. He has botched the handling of the pandemic in Texas. He is not as popular as he was pre-pandemic. His poll numbers are tanking. 

    Beto has also demonstrated that he can raise a ton of money and organize at the grassroots level.  

    I am a tad uncomfortable with the fact that the 2022 Democratic Party statewide ticket is shaping up to be white dudes.  They are going to have to rely on a huge voter turnout from communities of color across the state to win.  I cannot fault them for running. If Democrats cannot produce a more diverse ticket, that is our fault. 

    The Third Called Special Legislative Session starts today. The GOP Texas State Senate redistricting map was filed this past Saturday. It is a gerrymandered map on steroids for sure.  

    Royko sent me this on my Sick GOP take: 

    We do not fight to murder innocent babies so that Planned Parenthood can goolishly harvest the body parts for profit. 

    We do not want to have an autocratic federal, state, or local Government regulate and tax every breath the law-abiding citizens take. 

    We don’t want a continued invasion of illegal aliens, exempt from all the oppressive laws forced on citizens, and then to give them for free, all the taxpayer funded entitlements as well as amnesty, with chain migration. 

    We don’t want the Maoist-influenced Party in power to encourage the chaos by ignoring the felonies of the miscreants, yet politically oppressing those who do not agree with them. The Department of Injustice is beyond corrupt. 

    Nothing about accepting the results of elections. It all starts at the ballot box. 

    These GOP guys are good about staying ahead of us. I learned this past weekend from the GOP Governor of Georgia that we have an AIDs vaccine. How come I didn’t know about that? I wonder if Royko knew. 

    Our magic number is eight and we start our final roadie in Anaheim this evening.