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  • Domestic Political Errand
    November 22, 2019

    56 years ago, today. It was also a Friday. It changed the world.

    Domestic political errand was a phrase used at the impeachment hearing yesterday that caught my attention. A very good description. Errand boys for sure

    NARAL endorsed Anna Eastman for the #TXHD148SpecialRunoffElection yesterday. Anna’s support keeps growing. The special election is January 28, 2020 with Early Voting in Person beginning on January 21, 2020.

    I went to The Dean’s reception last night. His remarks included a touching few words about his daughter Whitney. Whitney is a lobbyist. The Dean said that Whitney was in the same line of work as his and that it was neat that they could be able to talk shop at the house. Nice!

    From the say it ain’t so department. I heard last night that H-Town Council Member Dwight Boykins is considering a run for the Texas House of Representatives against an incumbent Democrat. Sigh.

    This has to be a rookie mistake. The Chron has an article on the H-Town City Council District H runoff. Check this from the article:

    “I’m not one who backs down from confrontation,” (Isabel) Longoria said. “I think confrontation is a warrior fighting for their community. And I don’t think Karla (Cisneros) has that same warrior spirit. I think she’s a teacher, and that’s great. But we can’t teach our way out of this problem.”

    Here is the entire article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Longoria-puts-progressive-bona-fides-up-against-14852726.php.

    Teachers need not apply to run for H-Town City Council. I am sure she didn’t mean to say that. Just a rookie mistake. She talks so fast it just fell out of her mouth, I guess. That’s funny. Rookie for sure.

  • Nothing Today
    November 21, 2019

    Commentary doesn’t have much to say today.

    They got Donald Trump dead to rights on the impeachment thing and the GOP says dead to rights isn’t impeachment worthy. That’s where we are.

    Where was Julian Castro last night? That’s wrong!

    Psst. Has anyone seen Tony Buzbee? Mail ballots are being mailed today and Early Voting in Person begins a week from today.

    The runoff for H-Town City Council, District B, has been put on hold until the courts can determine the eligibility of a runoff candidate. Best I can tell, District B and HD 148 share 1 precinct.

    Royko sent me this on my mention yesterday on the Astros and cheating:

    My view is that if competitors are skilled enough to figure out the other guys signs, that is fair game. It is when one listens in on closed communications, the line is crossed. Further, it is not enough to merely think you know what the adversary may do, one must possess the skill, confidence that they will win, and to then properly execute in the face of a multitude of variables, to succeed.

    It is the persistence and determination, along with skill that leads to winning. It is clear that the team did not have the same level of confidence in the 2019 WS as they did in 2017.

    On the burger thing and In-N-Out coming to the H-Town area. I made a burger yesterday here at my crib using regular wheat bread, Private Selection ground beef from Kroger, with red onions, pickles, mustard and Fritos as my side. I go to the Whataburger on North Main, the Burger King on Yale, Hughie’s on North Main, Someburger on Studewood and 11th, or Christian’s Tailgate on White Oak for a burger fix. I don’t think I’ll be driving out to Stafford or Katy for a burger.

    The owner of the Astros avoided the media yesterday at the MLB meetings up in Arlington. I am thinking there will not be a good outcome to the cheating investigation.

  • HERO 2.0
    November 20, 2019

    The Chron has an online story today on the possibility of another vote on HERO. Here is the story:

    We got beat pretty soundly on HERO in 2015 and I am not convinced we could win right now. I have yet to see a strategy on what would work. We got beat in some strong Democratic vote areas and what has changed?

    We can’t just be putting something on the ballot and hope it will pass because it is the right thing to do.  The other side will just put up a lot of misinformation.

    We would need to expand the pro-HERO  leadership coalition. Bring in some fresh faces. Start having a communitywide conversation.  We have a long way to go on this.

    At the Sandra Rodriguez reception last night, I ran into one of the unsuccessful candidates for HD 148. She had on her name badge with her HD 148 logo. I guess she is considering running in the 2020 Dem Primary.

    On February 22, 2020, the Fort Worth Star Telegram will no longer print a Saturday edition. I guess it won’t be called a daily anymore. What do you call it then?

    The Chron E-Board has a take today on the Astros and cheating. Here it is: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Did-Astros-break-the-rules-Editorial-14847478.php.

    Here is what Jeff Luhnow, Astros President of Baseball Operations and General Manager, says about the cheating accusations;

    “We haven’t done everything properly, but I do feel confident that in general, most of the time, we did things right and we try and follow the rules. We try to be good citizens, and we try to compete as hard as we can.”

    King of sounds like an admission of guilt. Sigh.

  • District J
    November 19, 2019

    There is a fundraiser tonight in Downtown Houston for H-Town City Council District J candidate Sandra Rodriguez. The fundraiser is co-hosted by Cong. Sylvia Garcia, State Sen. Carol Alvarado, State Reps. Armando Walle and Gene Wu, H-Town Council Member Robert Gallegos and other prominent folks. Sandra Rodriguez is in the runoff.

    District J was created after the 2010 census during the 2011 City of H-Town redistricting process. Then H-Town Council Member James Rodriguez, no relation to Sandra Rodriguez, led the effort to make District J a Hispanic opportunity district. We got a lot of help and cooperation from then Mayor Annise Parker. My old pal Council Member Mike Laster was first elected to the position in 2011 and he is term limited this time.

    Good luck, Sandra Rodriguez! Seize the opportunity! I will be dropping by this evening.

    Here is from Kuffer today on the HD 148 Special Election Runoff date:

    The key bit of the proclamation is this: “WHEREAS, Section 2.025(d) of the Texas Election Code provides that the runoff election must be held not earlier than the 70th day or later than the 77th day after the date the final canvass of the main election is completed”. You can see that statute here. It’s pretty straightforward, which is why I always say I Am Not A Lawyer when I try to interpret legal matters. I will say, I did get the explanation of the early voting period for this correct. The reason why there are only four days of early voting for these runoffs is because Monday the 20th is MLK Day, and there is no voting on federal holidays. (*) We have had this happen in legislative runoffs before, most recently in 2016 with the special election runoff for HD118.

    As Campos notes:

    “To put this in perspective, Early Voting in Person in the 2020 Texas Democratic Party Primaries begins on Tuesday, February 18, 2018. That is three weeks after the January 28 special election runoff and probably a week after the winner is sworn into office.” 

    That makes this a huge challenge for the candidates, who will be competing for attention with all of the primary campaigns and who may themselves have to run in competitive primaries. Just having to explain to people that they have to vote in January and then again a few weeks later is headache-inducing. And note that early voting for the primaries starts on a Tuesday as well, because Monday the 17th is Presidents Day.

    Federal holidays, y’all. Anyway, now is a great time to get involved with the Eliz Markowitz and/or Anna Eastman campaigns. These runoffs may not be next month, but they’ll be here sooner than you think.

    (*) Yes, I know many people would like to make Election Day a federal holiday. It’s a great idea! Be that as it may, when there’s a federal holiday during an early voting period in Texas, early voting is off for that day.

    Here is all of Kuffer: http://www.offthekuff.com/wp/?p=93095.

    Here is Stace’s take on the HD 148 Special Runoff Election:

    The Special Election for Texas House District 148 will be held on January 28, so, I’m rooting for Democrat Anna Eastman to win the run-off in HD148. As people keep telling me, they are doing it all over again in March in the Dem Primary, but I agree with some of my friends who say HD148 voters can’t give away the seat to a right-wing, anti-Latino Latino just because their person didn’t make it to the run-off. Campos reports on Anna’s endorsements and they all look pretty good and diverse to me.

    Here is all of Stace:

    Remember when those clowns in Austin attended that bill signing ceremony with those Chick-fil-A Styrofoam cups strewn about. That’s funny.

  • #TXHD148SpecialElectionRunoff Date
    November 18, 2019

    The #TXHD148SpecialElectionRunoff is Tuesday, January 28, 2020 with Early Voting in Person beginning on Tuesday, January 21, 2020. We will only have four days of Early Voting in Person.

    To put this in perspective, Early Voting in Person in the 2020 Texas Democratic Party Primaries begins on Tuesday, February 18, 2018. That is three weeks after the January 28 special election runoff and probably a week after the winner is sworn into office.

    Commentary read the proclamation setting the runoff date and I checked the Election Code reference citing the considered dates and they didn’t have much of a choice. The other two special election legislative runoffs in Dallas and Fort Bend County are on the same day.

    Commentary has said it before. This will be my fourth stand-alone special legislative election in a fourteen-month period. This one is one on one against a GOPer.

    It will be a challenge setting an Anna Eastman Campaign strategy for the #TXHD148SpecialElectionRunoff and at the same time simultaneously running in the #TXHD148DemocraticPartyPrimaryElection. It will also be a challenge for other Democratic Party maybe candidates thinking about running in the #TXHD148DemocraticPartyPrimaryElection while Anna Eastman is running against a GOPer in the #TXHD148SpecialElectionRunoff.  Got it?

    Think about how you want to pull this off. Think about if you can pull this off. Think, think, think, please.

    Commentary hears that there are still a small group of Dems trying to figure out how to keep Anna Eastman from being duly elected. Sigh.

    Anna Eastman keeps gathering support from key Democrats including precinct chairs and organizations.

    The Houston Firefighters came to my door yesterday supporting Tony Buzbee. Just saying.

    MLB is investigating the Astros for sign stealing. A story came out this weekend that says the Astros are the brains behind a proposal that eliminates 40 or so minor league clubs. The hate for the team keeps growing. Sigh.