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Daily Commentary Glossary


Amegy’s Terry – Terry Morales, Amegy Bank Vice President

American Campaign Skipper – Nick Hellyar, U.S. Citizen

Ari Boy – Ari Fleishcher

Bango (of the Bucks) – Milwaukee Bucks Mascot Bango

Barron from V&E – Wallace Barron, a partner and Vinson & Elkins

Bourn to Run - Michael Bourn, Astros Center Fielder

Brew Crew – Milwaukee Brewers

Campaign Skipper -  Nick Hellyar

CEWDEM – Carl Whitmarsh

Cin –  Cindy Clifford

Clutch – Houston Rockets Mascot Clutch

CM Lawrence – Houston City Council Member Toni Lawrence

Craddick Ds – Democratic Members of the Texas House of Representatives that support Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick, a Republican

Da Bell - Chris Bell

Former Young Gun the Anglo – John Jenkins

Former Young Poltical Consultant – Bethany Arnold

Fulbright’s Huff – Richard Huff, a partner at Fulbright & Jaworski

G-Man - Gerard Torres

Grand Salami – Grand slam homerun

Guv Dude -  Texas Governor Rick Perry

HGLBT Chief – Maria Gonzalez, Vice-President HGLBT Political Caucus

HISDNation –  Rabid Supporters of the Houston Independent School District

H-Town – Houston

Lady Foghorn - Carole Keeton Rylander

Lady Lopez – Marisa Lopez

Lovely Wendy – Wendy Montoya Rodriguez

ManRam – LA Dodger Left Fielder Manny Ramirez

Marigirl – Marisol Valero

Mini Men – Texas Minute Men

MoFo – Mother Fu___er

My Best Friend – Al Luna

My Brown Eyed Girl – Pam Gardner

My PR Agent – Former Chronicle Political Writer Kristen Mack

NOLA – New Orleans

Old NS – A knuckle sandwich

Pam-In-Charge – Pam Gardner

Paperless folks – Undocumented Workers

Redneck Branch – Farmer’s Branch, Texas

Rosi from the ‘Stros – Rosi Hernandez, Houston Vice President for Market Development

S-Lord - Slum Lord

Senor Ted – A Stick Horse that I take to baseball games to show support for Carlos Lee who is nicknamed El Caballo (The Horse).

Senor Ed – A Stick Horse that I take to baseball games to show support for Carlos Lee who is nicknamed El Caballo (The Horse).

Sly – State Representative Sylvester Turner

Stan-The-Man-The-Progressive – Stan Merriman

Sweet Marisa – Marisa Lopez

The Chron’s Jesus – Jose de Jesus Ortiz, Houston Chronicle

The Catcher’s Mitt guy –  Mitt Romney

The Dean – State Senator John Whitmire

The Gossips – George Strong

The Kinkhole – Kinky Friedman

The Law and Order fella – former United States Senator Fred Thompson

Lege – The Texas Legislature

The Lite Guv – Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst

The Smartest Baseball Guy in H–Town – Richard Justice, Houston Chronicle

The Yard – Minute Maid Park

The Young Political Consultant That Works –  Bethany Arnold

Working Man Hero –  Richard Shaw, Secretary-Treasurer, Harris County AFL-CIO