Black-Brown Summit?

By Ed Wendt
Houston Press Club 1998 Print Journalist of the Year

We understand that leaders of the Tejano Democrats recently met with leaders of the Houston Black American Democrats (H-BAD) to discuss working more closely in the future to promote issues and causes they have in common.

Our spies say one H-BAD leader from the Northwest side made it clear that certain Hispanic leaders may be impossible to work with because of their past records of supporting Anglo candidates over more qualified Black candidates. She pointed to the Tejano Democrats' endorsement of Chris Bell, who is Anglo, over Judge Al Green, who is Black, for the newly created 9th Congressional District seat. And who can forget the Tejano Democrats' endorsement of Bill White, who is Caucasian, over Speaker Pro Tem Sylvester Turner, the highest ranking Black in the Texas Legislature, in last year's mayor's race?

"Working together with Hispanic leaders is too often a one-way street," Public Inquest was told. "For Blacks, a real deal means supporting Blacks as well as Hispanic candidates. For certain Hispanics, it means merely supporting Hispanics, while selling out Blacks for whites if the action is right. That is not what I call working together."

PI understands that another meeting is being scheduled so a certain Hispanic "leader" can meet with a very important Black elected official who has been betrayed too many times. Our spies are taking notes and we promise to keep our readers informed of breaking developments.

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